Make Money With ClickBank by Using a Simple Sales Funnel Formula


If you’ve already seen the ClickBank website and have spent some time there researching an eBook you are considering promoting, you may have noticed almost all of the eBook programs have an affiliate help page.

If your hopes are to make money with ClickBank, it would be wise to entertain using some, if not all of the information contained there. Your success with these programs will come through educating yourself about the product you want to promote.

Once you’ve reviewed the programs in the ClickBank marketplace and chosen one you think would be profitable to promote, before you start, consider building a “Sales Funnel Marketing Campaign” first.

If you’ve been an affiliate marketer for anytime, you’ve probably heard of a “Sales Funnel”, if not, just picture a fuel funnel in your mind.

Plenty of fuel at the top that funnels it’s way through a small hole at the bottom clickfunnels $19 per month.

For ClickBank affiliates the extreme top of the sales funnel is where they are going to find most of their work, most of their traffic, and “0” profits….


To make money with ClickBank affiliates need to concentrate on the upper most part of the sales funnel!

Here’s Why.

Let’s assume you have your ClickBank product and you have been to the affiliate tutorials of the publisher.

Virtually all of the top selling publishers give you a copy of their mailing list script, and instruct you to start a mailing list of your own by allowing you to give away free items the publisher has for you, found in their affiliate marketing tutorials.

Once you have the free product to give away, this becomes the point at the top of your funnel where you will will drive your traffic to.

If you have already have a blog or website, you could post the publishers free product there and drive traffic to your site through article marketing or social networking sites.

I wouldn’t recommend pay per click advertising a ClickBank product as the publisher more than likely has that covered, or if it’s a popular ClickBank product, your competition on PPC might be too great to realize a good profit.

But, there are many who use PPC successfully. Although, it’s best to promote products for free at first. If you’re having good success with free marketing, then by all means, consider PPC.

Most affiliates who make money with ClickBank use the top of the funnel to capture the email address of the person receiving the free gift. This is how they will start their email campaign, recommended by the publisher.

Which will bring us to the middle of the sales funnel.

At this stage, the ClickBank affiliate will start to use the publishers pre-written script to follow up with the subscriber on a pre determined schedule.

The assumption is it will take 12 emails to get a person to purchase a product. The desired bottom position of the sales funnel.

While your email campaign is underway, many of the original subscribers will opt out on the mailing list and only a scant few will make it to the lowest part of the sales funnel.

To make money with ClickBank this is where your subscriber will purchase the publishers product, and where you have reached your ClickBank commission.

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